Skin Deep & Loving It, Part II


1.  I found your blog while browsing through blogger, and it’s quite addictive. Would you please tell me more about you and your husband, and how did the two of you meet?
Thanks for the compliment!  Makes me happy to hear that my little ole blog is addictive!  My name is Faith and my husband’s name is Sean.  I am a Claims Supervisor for Workers Compensation and Sean is an Operations Manager for Target.  We met through mutual friends in college but I would be the first to say that it wasn’t love at first sight for me.  Sean tried to talk to me but I wouldn’t have it.  I found him to be arrogant and wanted nothing of it.  Sean actually got my dorm telephone number and proceeded to call me for hours until I had to pull the cord out of the wall.  He never called again; I guess he got the point.  It was actually 3 years after we met {and after college} that our relationship began.  Do you remember when MySpace was the big thing to join?  Well, this mutual friend of ours had me on their friend list and Sean saw my picture and asked this friend of ours if I was the same girl he tried to talk to in college.  Our friend told him yes.  Sean asked our friend if he thought that I would accept his friend request and our friend said, probably not.  Sean did it anyway and was surprised to find that I now lived in the area that he just moved to a few months ago.  Long story short, I accepted his friend request, we talked every day, we “met” and we’ve been inseparable.  In Feb 2012 we would be together for 5 years and in November 2011, we will be together for 2 years.  It has been an amazing journey with him and I can’t imagine my life without him.
2.  I always find pleasure in seeing young, married couples because there is such a negative stigma with marriage. I think too often in America, people frown upon young people marrying. Did you always envision yourself getting married and becoming a wife?
I never thought about marriage growing up.  I thought that it would eventually happen but I never wished for it.  To be honest, marriage was a little scary to me because the thought of waking up and being with the same person for the rest of my life was not exciting.  The reason I felt like that was because I had not met Sean.  It is amazing how quickly your views can change when you meet the person that you truly want to spend the rest of your life with.  The person you want to have children with; the person that you want to build your life with.  I love being married to Sean, I love being his wife.  I am striving everyday to be the person I would want to be with.  It isn’t always going to be easy but it is worth it.
3. Recently there has been a lot of information in the media concerning personal relationships and Black women. The new “thing” is for Black women to date interracially and open their dating pool. Have you always dated interracially? Why or why not?

Growing up, I only wanted to date Black men but they kind of gave me a hard time.  I was called names because I was darker skinned and I remember when I use to go home my mother who is from Ghana, African never understood.   She would always tell me how beautiful my skin tone was, etc.  I tried my hardest to fit in but I think sometimes I didn’t exactly do that because I wasn’t being raised the same way as many of my Black friends were raised.  Let’s just say that I was born in the Bronx being raised in Africa.  I spoke differently, acted differently and dressed differently so fitting in wasn’t the easiest.   I went through my whole life only dating one black man.  It wasn’t until I got to college and found out that white men wanted to date me.  It was strange to me because I had never thought to date interracially.  What was it that made these white males want to be with me when black men would not give me the time of day?  They loved my skin color and complimented me on it all the time.  It was refreshing.  I dated my first white person in college and was with him pretty much through college.  He wasn’t the one though.  The person who I thought could never be the one ended up being the one.  Go figure.
4. I speak to women from different cultural backgrounds, and the response to interracial dating is just as varied. Since your background is Ghanaian, did you receive any negative responses from your friends and/or family members when it came to dating interracially?
My family is the most open people you will ever meet.  So I knew that dating Sean or interracially would never be an issue with my family.  I was raised to love everyone regardless of skin color, race, gender, etc.  Words of hate were never uttered in my home.  It was outside of home that I learned a lot of the negative things associated with ignorance.  
5. From reading your blog, I see that you and your husband are homeowners and did an amazing job with the renovations. How was the experience with purchasing your first home, and do you have any additional plans for your house?
We bought our first home in March 2010.  It was exciting looking at all the different houses and picturing yourself living a new life with your husband in it.  We saw many houses and when we found the one we are in now we just knew that it was the place we wanted to build our memories.  Once we found the house that is when the stressing began.  It just seemed that everything moved so slowly and documents we gave were misplaced or lost and we had to start all over again.  We were excited when we closed because I was done!   It is our starter home and we plan to stay in it for a total of ten years.  I don’t know why we picked that number but it just seemed like the right amount of time to stay in this house.  Also, we figure that if we have children in the near future by that time they will be older and will need a little more space, than the house we are in will give them.  There isn’t much we plan to do in the house right now but in a few years we want to renovate the master bedroom, get all stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and maybe update the kitchen and bathroom a bit.  Besides the painting here and there and the buying of décor items, we don’t have any plans for it for right now.



To find more about Faith, please visit her at her blog Life.Love & Marriage.

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10 thoughts on “Skin Deep & Loving It, Part II

  1. thank you so much for interviewing me … it was fun answering the questions … but of course i found an error i made, haha … i said we have been together for 5 years and then said we have been together for 2 years … i meant to say married for 2 years. ..ahhh :)

  2. I love this blog! I am currently living in Arizona and I see several interracial couples. To me, interracial couples have a lot of confidence not only in themselves individually, but together as a couple. Being in love has nothing to do with color of ones skin, but how two people feel about one another.

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