Today’s Forecast: Beautiful Interracial Couple & A Cute Baby Girl [Part I]

It’s 2012, and I’m about to present my first interview of the year.  I really enjoy doing these interviews for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that I get a chance to see couples that look like me. Joseph and I are like little children whenever we see couples like us. We always say, “Hey, there goes an interracial couple,” and we start smiling from ear to ear. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m seeing this visual; maybe it’s the fact that I’m seeing some color here in Arizona and in Southern California when I visit. Whatever it is, I like it.

Finding the people to interview isn’t a hard process. Either they find me or I find them.  Once the introductions are made, it’s smooth sailing. Each time I read over the transcripts, I’m never in a dull moment because the interviews are always different and unique. Plus, there is such diversity in the cultures, education, employment, etc. Hands down, this is one of the best parts of blogging for this blog.

Stacy-Ann (aka Weather Anchor Mama) and I were introduced via my blog, and soon as I visited her blog, I just had to do an interview. Just take a look at this photo:



Wow! Talk about a gorgeous family!!  Stacy-Ann is a wife, mother, weather anchor, blogger and a student…while looking stunning.  In order to become more acquainted with who she was, she sent me the following email, and I was more impressed:

My husband and I have been married for 7 years. We wanted to wait a while before having kids because we wanted to focus on our careers. Princess was born in August 2010. My blog is about balancing career and motherhood. It’s been a tough balancing act to far. My career as a weather anchor can get pretty demanding. There’ve been times when I’ve had to spend the night away from my little girl in order to cover severe weather. The fact that I’m a nursing mom and taking classes adds to the madness. lol. I would have to pump throughout the day (including at work). There’ve been times when I’ve wanted to rip my hair out! But, I’ve managed to create a system that allows me to divide my time equality. I no longer pump, which has freed up some of my time. Most recently, I’ve been working toward getting back to the old me. I’m exercising and cooking a lot more (as I write about in my blog). My hubby and I are also in the process of planning some alone time away, something that we never get. Through my blog, I hope to continue to document my life as a career mom. I share my stories, both the good and the bad, with the hope that people can find solace knowing that they are not the only ones going through the challenges and triumphs of being a parent. I love to give advice as well as get advice from mommies and daddies. That’s about all I can think of at the moment.

Talk about an inspiration; she represents that. It was a blast interviewing Stacy-Ann, and I hope you will enjoy reading the interview. Until then, please take a moment to visit her blog, Weather Anchor Mama.

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8 thoughts on “Today’s Forecast: Beautiful Interracial Couple & A Cute Baby Girl [Part I]

  1. Oh, beautiful family. I clicked on the blog and the baby is absolutely delectable. :)

    I will be following her blog from now on. She sounds like an interesting woman.

  2. Just skipping through some posts on Weather Anchor Mama and I see something about Jamaica lol
    I do love to see West Indians :)(that’s if Stacey-Anne is from Jamaica) :)

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