Today’s Forecast: Beautiful Interracial Couple & A Cute Baby Girl [Part II]

1. I love becoming acquainted with Black women who are involved in multiracial/cultural relationships because it allows me to know that I’m not isolation in my lifestyle. We’re not seen too often in society and especially the media. Would you mind sharing a quick blurb about you, your background, and your family?

OMG!  I feel the same way!  Whenever I see another multicultural/cultural relationship, I get excited- especially if it’s a black female and white male (like our relationship).  I still don’t see that mix as often. I was born in Jamaica.  Even though I spent most of my life here in the states, I’m still rooted in my Caribbean culture.  My husband is American, born and raised.  We’ve been married for 7 years.

2. You’re married interracially, and the two of you share a beautiful baby girl (technically not a baby anymore, but she has the cutest baby face). How did the two of you meet, and have you always dated interracially?

Awww.  Thanks so much.  She’s one and a half now.  It seems like the bigger she gets, the more she keeps us busy.  We always have to be on our toes with her.  My husband and I were college students, and we met while working at a call center.  We sat right next to each other and talked non-stop in between calls.  We became fast friends and not too long after we began dating. Obviously we were young when we got together, so I don’t have a long dating rap sheet.  I went out with white, Latin, and black before meeting my hubby.  I can’t say that I have a preference, but keepin’ it 100, most black guys weren’t really checkin’ for me back in the day.  Light skin and silky long hair was in style where I lived, and clearly I never had any of those attributes.

3. I’m always fascinated by women who manage to balance a career and be a mom because those are both two full time jobs. How do you find the balance between doing so, and have you ever felt that one receives more attention than the other?

Don’t forget about classes!  For me it’s about setting up a routine.  My work schedule doesn’t change except for when there’s breaking news.  I budget study time during the week and on weekends.  Princess attends daycare full time. Luckily, she has a great dad and a wonderful grandma to help out too.  Most importantly, we spend time as a family on the weekends. 

4. Speaking of career, you’re a weather anchor in New York, and you have a blog that covers cooking, beauty, and being a mom. What made you get into blogging, and which subject matters do you enjoy covering the most?

 It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite subject matters.  But, I love writing about my baby girl and posting pics of her.  It’s amazing to see how much she grows each day.  If I had to choose, I guess that would be it.  I love the reaction and advice that I get from people.  Most importantly, writing about my daughter allows for family and friends to stay in touch as well.  I also love writing about various conundrums that other parents can relate to.  For instance, I wrote a series about my nursing experience.  I received so many positive responses from other moms who have gone through similar situations.  I feel great knowing that my stories have an impact, especially if it helps someone get through a difficult time.

5. While reading your blog, I came across a post called Hateration in the Biz, and it spoke loudly to me. As a fellow dark-skinned woman, I was able to empathize with this posting, and it’s one that I wish many African-American could read. I find you to be beautiful, and I’m so glad those incidents didn’t deter you in your career. Do you still find yourself having to go through situations like that, and if so, how do you deal with them?

 Thanks so much! Of course!  I don’t think it will end anytime soon.  But if you think positive thoughts, then positive things will happen.  The minute I start letting all this hateration affect me, it’s a wrap!  My mom told me today that it’s not about your color.  It’s about your qualifications.  If someone doesn’t hire me because I’m too dark, then it’s on to the next.

6. OK, fun question: I’m in the process of planning a wedding (which has its ups and downs), and since you’re already married, what advice would you offer for wedding planning and starting off a marriage?

I’m sure your fiancé is a great guy.  You both make a beautiful couple.  But truth be-told, most guys don’t participate in the wedding plans.  My hubby wasn’t involved with the actual details.  When it came time to choose things like the venue and DJ, he did show up.  I basically had to narrow everything down to keep his head from spinning.  The less he had to do the better.  So, I recruited one of my best friends and my mom to do the heavy lifting, so to speak. Try not to let things stress you out too much.  Even though things will go wrong, just remember it’s all about the both of you.  It’s ok to be a little selfish.  Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, but it’s ok to ask for help.  Try not to take on more than what you can handle. 

 Congratulations!  I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful wedding.  Can’t wait to see the gorgeous wedding photos.

**To find out more about Stacy-Ann and her family, visit Weather Anchor Mama.

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