Club Whole Foods

I used to love Whole Foods so much; I thought I would find my soul mate there. Why? Well, I felt as though the typical Whole Food shopper was what I wanted and needed. Forget church, Whole Foods was a match making place.  In my opinion, the typical Whole Food shopper was someone who was health conscious, intelligent, enjoyed reading books, had some money or at least a job (because Whole Foods isn’t cheap), enjoyed nature, was open minded, enjoyed physical activity / working out, goal-oriented and enjoyed learning. That was what my future soul mate was all about, to me, and I was going to find him…in Whole Foods. Don’t ask me how I came up with this list, but I did, and I still think it’s true (well, some of it).

True story.

I was introduced to Whole Foods in 2007 by one of my next door neighbors in Stone Mountain, GA. Prior to that, I had never heard of such a store, and when I went, I wasn’t impressed. To me, it was a natural food store that was overly priced. After being introduced, I would go sparingly to get various food items that I really enjoyed (i.e. kettle corn popcorn), but I was still into my regular food stores. Fast forward to 2010, and one of my cousins reintroduced me to Whole Foods, but she took me to the one in Atlanta, GA off of Ponce de Leon. Now this was a store! It was huge, there was music playing, and the men looked good! At that time, I had recently found out I was lactose intolerant (yes, I thought everyone became gassy and vomited after eating cheese, lol), and I wanted to go vegan. My cousin introduced me to Whole Food’s Mock Chicken Salad, and it was yummy. I spent $60 that day on about four items, but I was still hooked on Whole Check Whole Foods.

 As stated before, the men at this Whole Foods looked good, and there was a variety of them. I find beauty in all ethnic groups, and they were all there at that Whole Foods. Plus, I’m a sucker for men with well kept locs, and they were always there. I literally would “dress up” when I went to Whole Foods. I put it in quotation marks because I tried to look effortless in my clothes, when in reality, I spent a long time on my hair, face, clothes, and shoes.  Did I ever meet a date? No! I did befriend a guy who worked there (a fine looking, tall man with locs down to his waist) who gave me discounts on the prepared food, but he was a flirt. Women would ALWAYS come to see him, and he knew he was attractive so he wasn’t soul mate material (he probably would’ve been great material for something else, lol). Week after week, I went to Whole Foods, trying to make eye contact with guys I liked, and it was nothing. I thought maybe I shouldn’t be looking for him in the large Whole Foods, and maybe I should go back to the smaller one that was less impressive. Still, nothing. What I got was a lot of Emory students and workers that I had already known and really didn’t care to see them outside of the Emory parameters.

 I think about this whenever I want a good laugh because I just knew I would meet my soul mate in Whole Foods, and you couldn’t tell me otherwise. Although I didn’t find him at Whole Foods, at least I can say my fiancé and I both enjoy shopping at that store…and yes, he is like the typical Whole Foods shopper I envisioned.

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One thought on “Club Whole Foods

  1. Me and Whole Foods have a love-hate relationship that has spanned 6 years. Regardless of how we feel about each other, we always end up back in each other’s arms. LOL

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