A Life Worth Living, Part II

1.  I can’t remember when, but I was introduced to your blog a while ago, and I ejoyed the posts about your life, including your relationship with your husband. Would you tell me more about the two of you, and how did your relationship transform into being a married couple?

 Josh and I had a very slow transition from dating, being boyfriend and girlfriend to being married. We were together for six years by the time we got married. I really like to take my time especially when it comes to a life long commitment like marriage. Both Josh’s parents and my parents have been married for forty plus years and we really honor the commitment our parents made and continue to uphold. I would say that our relationship changed drastically when I went traveling in Europe and South America for a few months. Josh was really impressed that I continued to follow my passion for traveling and while I was away he wrote a feature length script. We were both very fulfilled in our lives and it was the perfect time for him to pop the question. He came down to Argentina and this is where we got engaged. I was in complete shock and did not anticipate it at all.
2.  I can only imagine what living in New York is like, and we plan on visiting this summer. Recently, the Pew Research released a study about interracial relationships, and it included a list of states that were favorable for interracial couples. Surprisingly, New York wasn’t on the list. Being in an interracial relationship, what are your views about New York, and do find the interracial population to be an increasing one in the state?

 I’m unsure if interracial relationships are increasing or if I notice them more. New York City is a racially diverse city and I feel comfortable here. Granted, I was born in Queens which is was one of the most diverse counties in the U.S. I do feel that there are many multiethnic and multiracial people and couples. Every once in a while we get a stare. Usually by women both black and white. Of course when people stare I just want to ask them to spit it out. I have no idea what they are thinking and am really interested to know. I have pretty thick skin.
3.  Interracial relationships tend to fuse many opposites together, including culture and family. Has there ever been a time when your culture clashed with your husband’s? Were your families supportive of your relationship?

Our families are incredibly different. My family is from Haiti and emigrated to the U.S. in the late 60′s. I’m first generation Haitian-American. Josh’s family is from the south and have been in this country for over two hundred years. Yes, right from the start Josh’s family was open and supportive. They shared there politics with me and told me how much they love the city of Atlanta (where they currently reside). I don’t know what was said behind closed doors but I felt welcomed from the very beginning. My family was also very supportive. There is a Haitian saying that “all people are people.” My parents would always say this to us as kids and they really believe it and stay true to it. Long before we were married my mother would call Josh her son. I’m not going to say it’s been all roses and rainbows we’ve had a few snags along the way but we worked them out.  

4. Your blog is eclectic, and it includes the fusion of fashion, film, and food. Out of these subject matters, which one is your favorite to discuss?

I love them all so much. I guess if I could pick two of the three it would be food and fashion. Sometimes I wish that I could just post outfits but I get bored of editing pictures of myself and really need to share food, art, film and whatever else brings me inspiration. 

5. Speaking of food, I found it really cute that you fell in love with your husband in the kitchen. Of course, I have to know the scenario (yes, give up the details), and what were the qualities that he possessed that made you fall for him?

Josh is a phenomenal cook. He cooks for us every day. He makes his own butter and mayo. He makes his own bacon, broth and lox. He works from home quite a bit so he’s able to work and prepare really incredible meals from scratch. The man one me over with his cooking okay. I couldn’t imagine a life that didn’t involve his meals. Literally all we did that summer was  cook delicious food, watch movies and hang out at parks around NYC. How could we not have fallen in love?

6. Like you, I enjoy literature. Viewing beautiful photos always bring up indelibly printed quotes, and I visioned that while looking at your bridal photos. If you had to quote something that would best describe your marriage, what would it be and why?

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery In order for our love to persist we need more than just what we see and feel for one another. We also need a vision and a purpose for our lives. Josh and I are both careful that we nurture our relationship and our own individual interests. Josh always says that it takes to large pillars standing apart to hold up a building. We are more powerful as a couple if we continue to pursue our own endeavors while maintaining our relationship.

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5 thoughts on “A Life Worth Living, Part II

    • No problem! Thank you for doing this. I’m always elated to share wonderful couples.

      We’re getting married one day apart…cool! We chose that date because the 12th is our anniversary, and June 12 is also Loving Day. The number 12 is a special number for us.

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