Fabulous Friday

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! I feel like the week just started, but that’s because I had such a fun-filled weekend, and I didn’t go back to work until Wednesday. Although short, my workweek has been anything but great. I guess that’s to be expected when you work primarily with women. Between the hormones and fickle attitudes, I long to get home for some much needed and VITAL testosterone…


…I still have things to be elated about. I’m thankful for the following; therefore, they’re fab:

  • Joseph got another pay raise!! That man is a workaholic, but he does so in order to take care of us. I’m so proud of him, and I’m grateful that his job not only appreciates his efforts but also rewards them.
  • Having such wonderful friends and family that made my bridal weekend a memorable one. My Maid of Honor and one of my Bridesmaids out performed themselves, and they surprised me with every moment. I will never forget what they did for me, and they will forever be my sisterfriends :).
  • The security and staff at the Tucson International Airport who mailed Joseph’s wallet to him. Friday was a mess for us, and our weekend was almost ruined when we found out that Joseph forgot his wallet at the Tucson airport, when we were in a layover in Colorado. Luckily, no one stole his information, and the security contacted Joseph. A staff member sent his wallet, overnight, to my mom’s house, and he had it in less than 12 hours.
  • A great dinner with some of our friends in Atlanta. One of my closest friends is married, and we shared some wonderful conversations about marriage, finances, and other stuff with the wonderful couple. I learned a lot about myself and my duties as a wife. That conversation was right on time, and it confirmed many thoughts for me.
  • A praying mother. I’ve been going through a personal health issue, and my mother has been keeping me in her prayers. When I came back to Tucson this past Monday, I found out that my issue was no longer an issue, and I’ve been healed. My mom and my God are AMAZING!!!

“Someone was hurt before you, wronged before you, hungry before you, frightened before you, beaten before you, humiliated before you, raped before you…yet, someone survived…You can do anything you choose to do.” – Maya Angelou


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