Shopping Finds


I love to shop, and I love to purchase things for the home. I grew up in the south, among old-fashioned southern women. In the south, your house speaks VOLUMES about yourself, and much of your value is placed upon the style of your home. I’m pretty sure this ideology is represented across the nation, but I speculate it’s stronger in the south due to the culture. Therefore, I can’t help but to want our home to be a direct reflection of us.

I’m always on the lookout for great sales and deals. While in undergrad, I worked at many retail places, and I learned a lot when I worked at Bloomingdale’s. One of the main things I leaned is that everything must go on sale before it’s “pennied out.” Basically, that means the company will try their last resort to make a profit before they make the value of the item worth a penny to the store. Then, they will sell it to companies such as Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Last Chance, etc. It was a wake up call to me when I saw items sold for hundreds of dollars “pennied out.” After that, I made a conscious decision to primarily purchase my items on sale and clearance. I don’t always stick to it, especially when it comes to food or various furniture items, but I would say I stick to it 80% of the time.

This past Sunday, I found two beautiful serving dishes at Home Goods, and I just had to have them. Home Goods is a weekly must for me, and even though I went in there looking for welcome mats, I ended up walking out with these dishes among other items. They’re authentic Italian serving dishes (made in Italy…not China), and they were on clearance for $9 (originally $46). I purchased two, and if they had more, I would’ve purchased them too. They’re just in time for our eventful, entertaining socials that we plan on having this spring/summer.

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6 thoughts on “Shopping Finds

  1. I saw a pitcher $6 and a 4 section platter $9 with this same sticker yesterday at TJ Maxx and almost picked them up(I have no need for either)

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