We Love To Love You


Even though I’m an 80′s baby, I still love the disco era. I think had I been living during that time period, I would’ve been one partying DIVA. I love everything about that era, and I love me some Donna Summer. I remember the first time I saw her on television, and I was immediately mesmerized by her beauty. Couple that with my mom playing disco music on Saturday cleaning days, and I was in kiddie disco heaven! As I grew, the more I learned about her, and one of the things I respect the most is that she lived by her own tune, especially when it came to dating. She didn’t feel the need to allow others to dictate her preferences, and that’s something to be admired.


Donna Summer will truly be missed.

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9 thoughts on “We Love To Love You

  1. I was very surprised to hear that she had passed away. Kind of spooky in that prior to hearing about it I was listening to a c.d. that featured the song “On The Radio”.

    I actually like disco, although it took me until the 90′s to appreciate it and I even have a couple of her early albums as well.

  2. I also wrote a tribute letter to Donna Summer on my blog. I love her. I’m a 70s baby.

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