Today is our one month wedding anniversary, and I’m basking in it. It means we’ve made it in martial matrimony for one month, and we have a lifetime more to go.

The main question that I get is, “How is the married life?” It’s great! No, I’m not just saying that because of this blog. I’m being honest when I say I love being married, and I love married life. I love knowing I have a husband. I love coming home to my husband and vice versa. I love being married to someone who has similar goals, values, visions, and morals. I love having someone who is supportive of me, and who will keep me humbled. I love having someone who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.

I never thought one month of marriage would teach me anything, but it has. I feel as though I’ve already grown more into the woman that I’m supposed to be, and it has also helped Joseph become the man that he is supposed to be. Here are just a few things that I’ve learned thus far:

  • I know how to forgive.  Before being married, I confused forgiveness with ignoring. Ignoring a problem isn’t forgiving. It’s when you face a problem with someone, handle it, and move on…especially when you have to deal with that person on a daily basis.
  • I’m less selfish. Growing up the youngest and only girl hasn’t helped me at all when it came to sharing. I grew up used to having things go my way or no way, and in a marriage, that can’t be. I’ve learned to not only take care of myself but him as well and always, ALWAYS be considerate of his needs.
  • I hate washing dishes, and that’s OK. I know this is random, but I’ve recently realized my OCD with a clean kitchen is because I hate washing dishes. I would rather eat out in order to not have to wash dishes and keep the kitchen clean. So we’ve decided that Joseph will clean the kitchen, and I will clean the bathrooms. However, I still have OCD with the dishes being “sparkly clean,” and in my opinion, only I can do that (a dishwasher has nothing on my skills). So I will still wash dishes sometimes…sometimes.

 Only time will tell where we go from here with our marriage, but I have a strong sense that it will lead us to bigger and better things.

Our first dance song :).

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8 thoughts on “One

  1. It’s definitely a great journey and a little adjustment at first but I personally wouldn’t trade it for anything….I love coming home knowing there’s someone waiting for me with a big smile and big arms.

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