Cheers! Let’s Drink To Our Health


When Joseph and I started dating, I was a vegan. I started my vegan journey during the winter of 2010, and it lasted for about 1.5 years. During that time, I was my healthiest. My energy level was high, I never got sick (except for that one time with sinusitis), and my hormones never, I mean NEVER, got out of whack during my cycles. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I had to cook a vast majority of my foods because restaurants didn’t cater to my eating (which limited me to salads), and whenever I went to vegan eateries, the prices were always high. So, I had to prepare 98% of my food.

Now that I’m going back to school, I want to go back to that eating habit because I miss the way my body and mind felt, and I can’t afford to miss any classes in my nursing program. Being sick isn’t going to be an excuse because if you miss one day, that’s a big fat ZERO, and they don’t do makeups. Plus, my clinicals are going to include sick, germ infested people, and my immune system has to be on point. Last year, I took a nutrition class (which I  made an A in…yea!), and I learned a plethora of information about food and the nutritional components including vitamins, minerals, fats, calories, etc. I also learned the importance of growing your own foods (hence, my reason for having my herb garden). That class was not only vital because of its requirements for the nursing program, but it was also vital to life long information. I was fortunate to have a great teacher who made labs extremely fun and enlightening. Some of the most imperative information that I can use daily is the importance of consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables; for, the benefits of their nutrients are activated and supported with various complementary nutrients. I also daily think about the effects of certain types of foods and health ailments including diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Additionally, I’m totally against GMO foods and certain government controlled entities that poison our foods only to have us dependent on health insurance, and the government makes money off of our illnesses. Let’s just say, my professor was very passionate, and she lifted the veil of ignorance from our eyes.

With the conjunction of reading “What To Eat” by Marion Nestle (which is a great book…highly recommend it), I’ve also been looking for websites/cookbooks that will aid me in my quest for optimal health. I’ve been fortunate to find many, and I’ve recently found another one that is so great, I just had to share it. The site is called Healthy Blender Recipes, and what separates it from others is that it has recipes that are based on what your needs are. For instance, you can find recipes that are vegan, vegetarian, raw, dairy free, gluten-free, egg free, nut free, and soy free. Also, it has recipes that are made with a blender, mixer, or food processor. Seeing that Joseph and I has all of the three instruments, we’re able to have a variety of choices.  I’m partial to our Vitamix for many reasons, and this weekend, Joseph and I have decided to make it a “shake it up” weekend by consuming liquid meals made with the Vitamix. I don’t know if he will sustain though because he loves his meat. Me, on the other hand, I’m sticking to it because I know I need it for my health.

I will be sure to document this journey of improved health, and I look forward to sharing the results.

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