Just Say No…To Hormone Meat


Yes, you might think buying organic, non-hormone fed meat is expensive, but it’s worth it. Either do it or pay the price with dwindling health via drug-resistant microbes in your body, paying hundreds of dollars a month for medications, or end up in a hospital for long term treatment…and eventually die.

This goes for your veggies too!!

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3 thoughts on “Just Say No…To Hormone Meat

  1. Gosh! I was just reading up on some things today. I am planning to move the family to clean eating and I guess this sealed the deal. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak!!!

    • My husband and I made the decision to commit to organic and clean eating a few weeks before I read that. I’ve been saying for a long time now, people’s immune systems aren’t acting appropriately to antibiotics due to the hormones and antibiotics in the food. I’m so thankful my text and some research confirms it.

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