Yes, __________ Love Is Beautiful…With No Hesitation

“Black love is beautiful!”

I read that comment often when I’m on Facebook or on Instagram and looking at the comment section that describes the corresponding picture, and I love it. People may think that I find it offensive because I’m in an interracial relationship, but it’s actually the opposite. On a superficial level, I find any form of love acceptable and beautiful, and I’m not one to question why someone loves another person. On a deeper level, I find an indirect attachment to the words because I’m a product of a single-parent home, and it would’ve been nice to grow up with a daily and constant reminder of how beautiful Black love really is via my parents. Luckily, I had other reinforcements growing up so I didn’t have a skewed perception of “black love.” I didn’t grow up with a belief that Black love was a myth, unattainable, or disgusting, and I still don’t.

Most of my friends that are married are married to someone of their ethnicity. Seeing a healthy, loving Black couple is often just as rare as seeing a couple with a Black woman and a non-Black man, and just like interracial couples, the media seems to be afraid to show and advocate such positivity. Sights of a healthy, loving Black relationship (especially marriage) is beneficial to society, and it’s imperative to children. Children need to have that sense of acceptance and love, and they need to particularly see Black women and men in-love and married because the cohesive unit is dwindling in society, and it’s sad to say, but it’s more common to see broken Black families as compared to intact ones.  Additionally, just because I’m an advocate for interracial relationships  doesn’t mean I have to be in opposition of monoracial relationships. Especially, seeing that I’m a Black woman, it would be fatuous of me to not like something that looks like me and where I come from as well as being indicative of harboring self-esteem issues. Thankfully, I’m neither one.

So cheers to Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Native American, Interracial, etc. love, and continue to dwell in love without hate for others.


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3 thoughts on “Yes, __________ Love Is Beautiful…With No Hesitation

  1. I definitely see your point! We need to see more strong black men, sticking around to raise decent children, and setting good examples. That’s why I refuse to watch shows like Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop…


    • Exactly! It annoys me when people think just because you’re involved in an interracial relationship that you should be anti anyone else. I don’t have time for such ignorance, especially with nursing school, lol!

  2. I am all for ‘black love’ but within marriage. We must have strong marriages, but God’s way of doing things. I am for marriage period with black women married to loving husbands who are black or of whatever race. That to me would be marriages made in heaven.

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