Fabulous Friday

To say that this week has been a tumultuous one is an understatement. However the week is over, and I’m so elated about this. I need to make some vital changes with time management between school and other activities because the way I’m going now, I barely have time for ten minute power naps, and I find myself getting a burst of energy at night. It’s keeping me up until early hours of the morning, and that’s not good because my classes start at 8:30, and six-hour clinicals can’t be successful with only a few hours of sleep. I will get it together soon enough though.

Still, this week has brought many things to be thankful for, so let’s get to thanking.

I’m thankful for the following; therefore, they’re fab:

  • My clinical professor staying extra time after class to help me master a task. Making a bed might be easy to you, but try perfecting that task with someone in it. I had a difficult time with it initially, but since getting the extra practice, I feel confident in it.
  • My scholarship FINALLY posting to my account. I was on the phone all day with student accounts (when I wasn’t in class), and I pestered them until the matter was resolved. The news was made better with being informed that I will get a bigger refund check than I thought I would :)
  • Passing my assignments this week.
  • Cooler weather in Arizona. To some, 79 degrees might not be a cool temperature, but it is out here. I’m tired of the 100 degree weather, and I’m ready to feel some “normal” temperatures. The temperature has been dropping, and I love it. I’m planting an organic lettuce mixture along with my organic herb garden, and they’re doing well this time around.
  • Having fun at the Premiere Design party last night. Fun women + good food + wine + jewelry = A GREAT TIME FOR ME!! I purchased a beautiful pearl necklace (because I’m the queen of wearing pearls), and I can’t wait to wear it.

“I was the first woman to burn my bra – it took the fire department four days to put it out.” ~ Dolly Parton

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