Pro PBS!!!


I try not to bring politics on my blog anymore because people don’t know how to act when you have a difference in opinions. However, as someone who grew up off of PBS, I will take a moment for this. With all of the imbecilic reality shows on tv, poisoning our children, PBS is a breath of fresh air. I learned to love science and math via PBS, and I’m sure many others can appreciate its value.

PBS is an asset to our community, and I highly doubt taking it off will aid in improving our country’s deficit.

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5 thoughts on “Pro PBS!!!

  1. I think that the main issue here is not removing PBS (I grew up on it to, with Mr Rogers, Sesame Street and the Electric Company being my faves) but simply cutting the federal funding umbilical cord. Some in the GOP (who are unfortunately in the minority) believe that since PBS brings in a good chunk of change via fundraising, merchadising licensing, etc it should reduce the amount of money it gets from the guv’ment.

    I agree that taking PBS off the air does not solve the problem and it’s a misguided attempt at being fiscally prudent.

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