“This is our place.”

That feels great to say, and I’m still floating on a high right now because we’re now about to have our place. It’s a place that we sought together, applied for together, and planned on having together. It means a lot to us, but I think it means more to me.

When I met Joseph he already had a house, and when I moved in, I was elated that we were sharing the home. However, it still felt different for me. This was probably because the house was purchased before I was in the picture, and even though I tried my best to include my personal touches, it still didn’t feel like it was ours. I felt like the house was his, and I was a transplant. Many times Joseph professed this house was now ours, but I didn’t feel that way. Joseph and I talked about moving before, but he wasn’t feeling the urgency…until he saw the benefit within the numbers.

My husband is a numbers guy. He works all day as a financial analyst, and he comes home to check his stocks, evaluate them on his Excel spreadsheet, and watch Jim Cramer. This is on a daily basis. On a good day, he will also read a book by Dave Ramsey. To add extra emphasis to how much he loves numbers and money, he once got down on one knee at my bedside and in a romantic-esque way told me, “Due to the actions we made last month, our electric bill went down drastically.” I thought he was going to say something sweet to me about me. WRONG! My husband will find a way to be romantic about numbers and money, LOL! I swear he is a mathematical genius, and in order for me or anyone to ever make a point to him, you better put it in numbers and a spreadsheet with diagrams, charts, and list of ways it can help him financially. If it doesn’t include any of those factors, you can forget about it. I thought about making an Excel spreadsheet to show the pros vs. cons of us moving, but with my nursing program, I didn’t have the time. Besides, if I’m not calculating volume, medication calculations, or vital signs, numbers is the last thing on my mind. Instead, Joseph stumbled upon the comparison himself, and when opportunity presented itself for us to move, I happily jumped on it.

One would think that because the area we’re moving to is an upscale area, that it would increase our cost of living. Wrong! Actually it’s cheaper. I should know because I did some extensive research in this (I really wanted to move). Right now, we both live about 30-40 minutes away (one way) from our usual spots and our friends.  Since we will be closer to our work, school, and shopping centers, we will save money on gas.  Also, we will save money on utilities due to the location and elevation of our area (that’s an Arizona thing…you would have to be here to understand). Also, the sales tax in the new area is cheaper than our current area. If you’re thinking of moving, research the sales tax within various areas along with other things that factor into the cost of living.   Additionally, our new neighborhood has a clubhouse that offers free bike rental for the surrounding trails, a spa, pools, a state of the art gym that’s open 24 hours, and a theatre. Meaning, we can get rid of our gym memberships, and since we’re planning on getting rid of our cable, that too will be extra funds in our account. With all of that and more benefits, it’s still cheaper to live in our new home than our current one because of the expenses we have to pay for. Of course, Joseph was more than sold on that information after he assessed and confirmed it in an Excel spreadsheet.

So even though it took some convincing to do, I’m still very elated that we’re moving into a place of ours.  We’ve already picked out the color for the pain on the walls, and it will be ready by the time we move in. Between studying, I’ve been an avid reader of The Nest, and I can’t wait to implement some of the ideas from there. Come to think about it, some of my money saving tips that aided in convincing Joseph came from The Nest (it’s a great site for couples).  The whole experience has definitely been a learning one, and it has made me value our residence a lot more because we did it together…Excel spreadsheets and all.

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