It’s Almost Friday

I’m sure you need this laugh. I know I do.

I can’t lie; I’ve done this before when I was crazy tired. Luckily I caught myself in advance before I pressed the submit button.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Almost Friday

  1. Blahahahaha! Girl I just hollered because this is exactly what my dad would do. Either that or we’ll be in the car, and he’s playing on his phone asking me how to get somewhere. 0_0 seriously dude?

  2. Cute lol…This would be my dad if I allowed him to be on FB lol… He learned how to text last year, but not how to space…He put periods between all the words lol

  3. lol! The Best! You can tell he’s a great dad because he has the patience to keep doing the same thing over & over until he gets a result. Probably how he taught his kids to tie their shoes, ride a bike, write their name, remember where they live. Now he’s using that same focus to tackle facebook/google. lol!

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