Ten Questions

From him to me…

1.  What was your first impression of me? I thought you was such an extrovert and very touchy/feely. I was hoping you wouldn’t touch my booty, or else I would’ve had to slap you, LOL! You also was so sure of yourself, and you had so much confidence.

2. If I promise not to get upset, can you tell me something that you’d like to change in me but don’t have the nerve to tell me? I wish you would keep the cabinet doors closed. It really annoys me.

3. Apart from the most obvious one, which other two areas of your body are the most sensitive and responsive? The ones you were on last night. My brain and my heart

4. Can you name three qualities that attracted you when you met me/got to know me? Your intelligence, diligence, and respect

5. Which is your dream destination and why? Fiji so that I can sit out on the beautiful beach and relax.

6. What are the qualities that draw you to people who you can base a friendship on? Loyalty, respect, and honesty

7. Can you give me a mock session of how you would discuss sex education when we have a child? Dirty rooms produce babies, so keep your room clean unless you want a baby. And if you do have a baby, you need to get your own place and a job.

8. Which has been the best decision you ever made? Marrying you (duh)

9. If you won the lottery, what are the first three things you would do and which are the five things you’ve been most longing for, that you would buy? First three things: Pay off my student loans, speak to our financial advisor, and make some good investments. Five things I would buy: I’m not sure, but I know a red Hermes Birkin bag is on the list to match my Louboutins :)

10. The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you was…Falling down the stairs in King’s Chapel at Morehouse College. The chapel was packed, and you don’t want to fall in a room full of Black folks.

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