Fabulous Friday

Besides the week of 6/12/2012, this week has been the best week ever! One of the things that made it so great was that everything was unexpected. Don’t you just love to be showered with unexpected goodness? I do! Today is going to be a day of moderately relaxing because I need to clean up and of course, study. However, I am going to do something for me today as a reward; for, you should always take care of yourself. Additionally, today is our four month wedding anniversary!!! I know date night will be very special today ;)

I’m thankful for the following; therefore, they’re fab:

  • I passed all of my tests this week! Not only did I have six exams, but I also had a paper that was due (it ended up being nine pages). I passed my exams with three As and three Bs, but I’m disputing two of those Bs because I know I got the answers correct. I’m most excited about passing my clinical exam (made an A). Like any other major test, if you failed that one, you would’ve been out of the program. I swear they are always trying to kick people out of the program…too much pressure!
  • Hubby and I getting our new home. I had a hard time studying last week because I was nervous about this. I can’t stand to feel anxious about something important, and to get the confirmation call was a breath of fresh air. We’re now deciding what we’re going to sell because we don’t want to take everything with us. We’re also having painting done and installments of ceiling fans (It’s still hot here in Arizona). I went by the home yesterday after my clinical exam, and I just wanted to take another look at it again :).
  • Getting an unexpected check. I had no idea it was coming, but I’m sure thankful it came. I need more unexpected checks to come my way, LOL!
  • TAZO Passion tea…’nuff said.
  • The wonderful sale Whole Foods had this week. Joseph and I have decided to prepare organic foods, but as we all know, that lifestyle can be expensive. Well Whole Foods here had a sale, and I stocked up. I’m sure Joseph is very elated about his organic, grass-fed beef.

“Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.” – Alice Walker

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