Forget What You Heard…Red Tails Is Great!

Tonight, Joseph and I went to see the movie Red Tails. We were supposed to go and see it yesterday for our weekly date night, but unfortunately, the film was bad. Not to be deterred, we decided to see it the following day (today). Living in Arizona, I assumed there wouldn’t be much of a turnout, but I was wrong. The movie theatre was packed. That made me feel good, and it was a nice sight to see a variety of ethnic groups going to see this majority Black cast. This was the most imperative because as we all know, Black cast movies don’t do too well as compared to White cast movies, and Hollywood isn’t a fan of promoting and/or funding such.

Seeing this movie wasn’t just about supporting a Black movie; for, I need more of a reason to spend extra money on things in this economy. It was about the fact that this movie showcased history, American history, and I have a personal relationship with the Tuskegee Airmen. In 2001, I was one of three students at my high school (The Baylor School) to be invited to have dinner with Dr. Roscoe Brown. At the dinner, I was given the opportunity to sit next to him and enjoy a conversation filled with topics about education, the portrayal of the Tuskegee Airmen in movies, and some of his experiences post serving in the military. I fully enjoyed the time, and the memory is constantly instilled when I fondly look at the photo that was taken of us (my mother has it framed at her house).

I highly recommend seeing this movie, and in order to not give anything away, I won’t talk about it. Rather, I will say be prepared to have all of your emotions expressed, and be prepared to leave with questions that will make you want to have an open dialogue with people about racism then and racism now (because it’s still there, and with this political race, it’s blatant). Additionally, please don’t be hindered about seeing this movie due to other people’s opinions. Make your own perception after watching the movie. Besides, I think you could spare $10 to see the movie when many of these Tuskegee Airmen spared their lives for you to be able to freely have an opinion.

Beautiful History


While surfing the web during my lunch break, I stumbled upon this website. I couldn’t help but to share it because it encompasses many things I’m interested in such as African-American history, weddings, HBCUs, and of course…Spelman College.

A’Lelia Bundles is a wonderful author, and she put together an amazing writing piece about her grandmother’s fabulous Harlem Renaissance wedding. It’s obvious that this woman encompasses style, class, decorum, and intelligence. Please take a moment to view it at A’Lelia Bundles.