New Year Challenge

It’s the New Year, and almost everyone has a new plan especially for health. It’s easy for people to verbalize, “I’m going to lose weight,” but how many of us know vital specifics about ourselves including blood pressure and levels for sugar, cholesterol, etc.  Prior to making a new year’s resolution (that you probably won’t follow through on), why not undergo a full physical assessment? Knowing y…our status is the first step in achieving great health. This is particularly imperative for African-American women, seeing that we’re #1 for suffering from physical ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. In addition to having a physical assessment, I suggest having a CBC (complete blood count) performed to make sure you’re not suffering from any underlying infections, cancers, thyroid impairments, and/or problems with blood clotting because many of us are dying and don’t know it. Optimal health isn’t limited to a number on a scale; it’s multifaceted. Make this year the year that you don’t suffer from Sojourner Syndrome, and make caring about your health your #1 priority…



I’m loving this photo. Instead of touching on what this photo “is,” I’m going to say what it “isn’t.”

It’s not:

  • Fake
  • A misrepresentation of female bodies
  • Not an attempt to fit into mainstream
  • Airbrushed
  • Telling you to “do such and such so that you can look like me.”
  • Giving a monolithic representation of what it means to be feminine.
  • Noting that fit = rail thin (I think we can all agree on that from just watching the Olympics)

This photo is classically beautiful. It oozes with confidence, sexy, and edge.

I love.