Grown Folks Day

I love this expensive wonderful store. It’s filled with so many great, fresh items. It’s as if Whole Foods and Rodeo Drive had a love child.

What the…????…moving along

This stuff right here…THIS STUFF RIGHT HERE…is the main reason why I’m working out twice as hard tomorrow. I can’t lie though…those cupcakes were on point. I wanted to share, but no…Joseph just had to have his own.

The Mrs. Meyers stuff is the BEST!! It actually makes me want to clean because it smells wonderful and is so girly :)


Well, that’s about it. This is what grown people do…grocery shop, LOL! Joseph just left to go to a BBQ, and I would’ve went, but I have many reports to write and catch up on…

…already, I miss him.

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10 thoughts on “Grown Folks Day

  1. Very wrong of you to show those cupcakes & not share, I will be expecting a FedEx package next week.;) I love Mrs. Meyers products.

  2. I love Red Velvet cake. My Mom’s is the best!!! I call Whole Foods “Whole Paycheck”. Where you buy like 3 things and them pay $50 for it because it says “Organic”LOL. It’s so cute the way people are who are engaged. Brings back memories for me.. Now, I’m an old married lady and I’m used to him.

  3. In a Spanish accent: “Cha-co-la-te ne-gro”
    Black chocolate. Is that what they call it in Spain or wherever that chocolate was imported from?

    • I looked it up, and it’s from Spain. I thought that’s where it was from, but the lady at the register gave me a funny look after I looked at them, and I thought it was a joke or something. Either way, Joseph and I shared a good laugh while joking about our expressions. I’m thinking of trying a bar next time I go to the store.

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