Essence, Let’s Talk About Change

Essence, Let’s Talk About Change

(source) So Essence Magazine has announced their new editor-in-chief, and she Vanessa Bush. There are only a few journalists that I truly respect, and she is one of them. I’m thrilled for her, and I hope she does wonders for … Continue reading

Interracial Stereotypes & Michael Baisden…and Facebook??????

Today I woke up and completed my usual routine. Of course that meant checking Facebook. Upon my surprise, I saw one of my articles, “Dating Outside Your Race & the Impact of Stereotypes,” on Baisden Live.  This was a huge shocker to me because interracial relationships are taboo when it comes to black women, and I didn’t think my article would ever end up on Michael Baisden’s page. I’ve been a fan of his shows for years, and I was very elated to see my article on there.

I’m probably even more excited that in just one hour, the posting received 1,038 likes, 88 shares, and 138 likes (after I refreshed the page again). That’s awesome! I’m glad it has people talking and thinking about race relations in America; for, we can’t ever mend a problem if we don’t first admit there is a problem.

Before I go, I would like to thank Multicultural Familia (which is a great website…check it out ASAP) and Chantilly P. who continues to inspire me to speak the truth and embrace cultural differences :)